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Exciting Additions and Expansions at Honey Bees Restaurant in Yarmouth

Updated: 5 days ago

Honey Bees Restaurant in Yarmouth, NS, is thrilled to announce exciting new additions and expansions coming soon! As we continue to grow and enhance our offerings, we are introducing a Korean Steak House, a private room for special events, an Asian market, new Thai dishes to our menu, and an improved outdoor patio. Discover what's new at Honey Bees and how we’re making your dining experience even more delightful.


Introducing Our Korean Steak House

One of the most exciting additions to Honey Bees Restaurant is our new Korean Steak House. Get ready to indulge in succulent cuts of meat, grilled to perfection. Our Korean Steak House will offer an authentic dining experience, perfect for family gatherings, celebrations, or a unique night out.

Korean Steak House Highlights:

  • Premium Cuts of Meat: Enjoy high-quality beef, pork, and chicken, marinated in traditional Korean sauces.

  • Delicious Sides: Complement your meal with a variety of Korean side dishes, including kimchi, pickled vegetables, and rice.

Private Room for Special Events

We are excited to introduce a private room at Honey Bees Restaurant, ideal for hosting special events, business meetings, or intimate gatherings. The private room offers a secluded and elegant space, ensuring a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Private Room Features:

  • Exclusive Space: Enjoy the privacy and comfort of a dedicated room for your event.

  • Customizable Setup: Arrange the room to suit your event's needs, whether it’s a formal dinner or a casual get-together.

  • Personalized Service: Our staff will provide attentive service to make your event seamless and enjoyable.

  • Cooking Classes: Private or group events (Christmas parties, birthday parties).

Explore Our New Asian Market

In addition to our dining offerings, Honey Bees is opening an Asian market, providing a wide selection of Asian groceries, ingredients, and snacks. Whether you’re looking for specialty sauces, fresh produce, or unique snacks, our Asian market will have everything you need to bring the flavors of Asia to your home kitchen.

Asian Market Offerings:

  • Wide Selection: Find a variety of Asian groceries, including grab-and-go sushi and more.

  • Authentic Products: Discover hard-to-find ingredients for your favorite Asian recipes.

  • Convenient Shopping: Enjoy the convenience of shopping for your Asian culinary needs right here in Yarmouth.

  • Ramen Bar: Quick and easy self-service ramen bar.

New Thai Dishes on Our Menu

We’re also excited to announce the addition of new Thai dishes to our menu. These dishes will feature authentic Thai flavors, prepared with fresh ingredients and traditional recipes.

New Thai Dishes Highlights:

  • Traditional Recipes: Enjoy classic Thai dishes like Pad Thai, Green Curry, and Tom Yum Soup.

  • Fresh Ingredients: Savor the taste of fresh herbs, spices, and vegetables used in our Thai dishes.

  • Delicious Flavors: Experience the unique blend of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors that Thai cuisine is known for.

Improved Outdoor Patio

To enhance your dining experience further, we are upgrading our outdoor patio. The improved patio will offer more seating, better ambiance, and an even more comfortable space to enjoy your meals al fresco. We also have picnic tables available outside for ice cream customers.

Patio Improvements:

  • Expanded Seating: More tables and comfortable seating options for larger groups.

  • Enhanced Ambiance: Enjoy a beautifully designed patio with improved lighting and decor.


Honey Bees Restaurant is committed to providing exceptional dining experiences, and our upcoming additions and expansions are designed to offer even more variety, comfort, and enjoyment for our guests. Whether you’re eager to try our new Korean Steak House, host an event in our private room, explore the Asian market, enjoy our new Thai dishes, or relax on our improved patio, we can’t wait to welcome you. Stay tuned for more updates and visit us soon to experience all the exciting changes at Honey Bees Restaurant.


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